The Keys when designing a Winter Garden

In winter, we all know that the weather determines a large part of our habits and outdoor activities. As it could not be otherwise and in the same way, the weather also affects our daily routines carried out in our gardens. Find your circular saw rail.

Therefore, this is where we must take special care in our garden planning and design. When winter arrives, it is time to decide what to do with our garden.

  • Plan and design our garden for the future summer.
  • Manage our garden from a more global and profitable planning, allowing to define on it different uses and uses more typical of the winter months.

What determines that a winter garden is perfect?

There are many alternatives that can help us define a perfect winter garden. It is true that the geographical location of the project will clearly determine how it will be developed.

However, an increasingly common trend in garden design is based on the integration of a harmonious way of our indoor areas with the very physiognomy of the outside.

Every efficiently designed winter garden must be perceived as a continuous extension of the living space, applying practical and functional areas to it without losing, in any case, the spirit of naturalness that every garden must have.

What furniture and decoration should a winter garden have?

As we always say, in garden, first and foremost it must be those conclusions drawn from the briefing carried out with clients.

If we could generalize in a certain way, the landscapers and outdoor architects, in something we all agree. The new area should make use of a soft color palette, colors that should be consistent with a light and natural interior decoration, all highlighted by the very brightness that must characterize these areas of specific design.

On the other hand, what we should take into consideration at all times and we should never forget, is that we are before the planning and design of a winter garden and therefore the elements of nature must always be represented.