How to Return on Vacation Without Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to control. They enter your suitcase and clothes without you noticing, their sting leaves a darker red spot in the central area and produces great stinging, especially in the area of ​​the face, neck, arms, and hands.

Some people are not affected by this sting, but in others, it causes an allergic reaction that results in itching, blisters or even hives. We all travel, especially in this summer season and … who has not happened to return with this type of symptomatology? Therefore, and because you ask us frequently, there are some “tips” to combat them and return from vacations free of this type of insects.

To prevent vacations from becoming a nightmare and bed bugs appear frugally in the suitcase when arriving home. We have prepared 3 easy tips to keep in mind to effectively prevent the proliferation of these parasites :

  • You get to the room, you drop your stuff on the bed and … error, error! The beds and furniture are their perfect incubation space, comfortable, warm and nourished, they jump quickly to clothes and appliances, therefore, your things and your suitcase, to a safe area, that is, the bathroom, until you make sure that the room is a comfortable and comfortable space and only for you…
  •  And how do I make sure there are no bed bugs? Easy, inspecting risk areas, particularly mattresses, pillows, bed bases, headboard, bedside tables, plugs and seams of lingerie. The bed bug usually has a size of up to six centimeters, flat, oval, with six legs, two antennas, and reddish-brown.
  • There, it has touched me, there are bedbugs !!! It requires that you change your room and make the appropriate claim. It is good for you and for all the travelers that we will support you….